Meet Jim Cheney

I’ve spent my entire life living in Northern California.  I grew up in Menlo Park, and have lived in Monterey, Suisun City, San Rafael, Cloverdale and Santa Rosa.

I moved to RIncon Valley in 1995 and have never left.  I love this part of Santa Rosa.  It has a small town feel, great schools, good shopping, beautiful views and a nice variety of city, county and state parks.

I started my real estate career working for a large franchise which is no longer around. About 4 years into my career as a sales associate, I decided I wanted to work for myself and become a broker.  I took all the required class work at the Santa Rosa Junior College and obtained my broker’s license in 2007.

I opened Saint Francis Properties in Rincon Valley with the goal of helping clients move into and sell their homes in RIncon Valley.  I gladly help clients buy and sell outside Rincon Valley, however I do not spend a lot of money advertising myself beyond Rincon Valley.  I feel my time is best spent obtaining clients near where I live.  Why attract clients in Cloverdale or Petaluma when I can attract clients in my own neighborhood.